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Established in 1933, Hong Kong Playground Association is a long-time non-governmental organization providing social services to children and young people in Hong Kong. Through diversified and pertinent services, we aim at breeding youngsters holistic development and nurturing them to be successors of the Hong Kong society.


Our services are organized under Central Administration & Corporate Communication Division, Social Work Division and Culture, Sports & Arts Division.


Central Administration & Corporate Communication Division is responsible for agency administration, large scale event, corporate communication, professional development and research.


Social Work Division includes Integrated Children and Youth Service Centres, Children and Youth Centres, District Youth Outreaching Service, Overnight Outreaching Service for Young Night Drifters, Community Support Service Scheme, School Social Work Service, the Unusual Academy School Dropouts Supportive Service.


Culture, Sports & Arts Division is composed of Stadium, Camp, Exchange and Arts Services, Sports Service and Social Enterprise.


 Our service units are located all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands. In addition, we also have frequent exchange and co-operation with the governments and public organizations in Mainland China, Macau and neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, in order to foster mutual professional development.


All the way we uphold our spirit of person-oriented and strive for excellence, so as to benefit the younger generation and contribute to the society as a whole.  At the same time, we devote to becoming a prestigious and professional children and youth service organization at local and international levels.


  • The children's playgrounds that the government has allocated land for and built in the new reclamation area in Wan Chai and Mong Kok's Shan Tung Street Tong Wai Road have been completed one after another. Along with other venues such as King's Park and Public Garden, they have all been handed over to the association for management.‎

  • The Children's Playground Association, in collaboration with other groups, co-hosted a city-wide street children's athletics competition, opening a new chapter in social concern for the development of sports. This annual children's sports event continued as usual until the eve of the Japanese occupation in February 1941. After the war, on February 9, 1953, the association restarted this grand event.‎

  • After the Second World War, Sir Arthur Morse served as the first president of the association following the restoration of Hong Kong.‎

  • With a grant of $350,000 from the Memorial Martyrs' Foundation and a government subsidy of $50,000, the association built a welfare building in Wan Chai. This further established the foundation of the association's social welfare services.‎

  • For the Queen's wedding in 1947, the association used the remaining $46,000 from the public's wedding gift fund, along with an additional allocation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club approved by the King, totalling $660,000. They used these funds to build the Queen Elizabeth II Youth Playground in Kowloon as a place for children and teenagers to play.‎

  • The Queen Elizabeth II Youth Playground in Kowloon was completed in 1953.‎

  • During the same period, in June 1952, the first children's camp in Hong Kong was completed in Silver Mine Bay. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Alexander Grantham, on December 21 of the same year. In March 1966, it was transferred to our association for management by the Children and Youth Department of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.‎

  • 同一時期,1952年6月本港第一所兒童營在銀礦灣落成,同年12月21日由港督葛量洪爵士主持開幕儀式。1966年3月由香港社會服務聯會兒童及青年部移交本會管理。‎

  • Every year, the association co-hosts the "Citywide Summer Open Boat River Meeting" with the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.‎

  • In February 1969, the association established its first "Recreation Center" in Wan Chai Southorn.‎

  • In April 1971, the Chinese ping pong team held an exhibition match at the Sheung Shui venue, which marked the beginning of national sports exchanges with Hong Kong. In the mid-70s, the national basketball team visited Hong Kong and played a friendly match at the Kowloon Elizabeth Stadium. In the early 70s, the association actively promoted the "Recreational Counseling Program".‎

  • In 1975, the association began implementing the "Play Streets" pilot program.‎

  • In 1979, the "White Paper on Social Welfare Services Entering the 1980s" established the direction of youth services. In the same year in September, the outreach social work was officially established. At that time, the association was responsible for four areas: Wan Chai, Mong Kok, Kai Tak, and Tsuen Wan, and it was the organization with the most outreach service teams in all of Hong Kong.‎

  • In the early 1980s, the Lam Tin Recreational Counseling Office transitioned into the Lam Tin Children's Center.‎

  • The Lam Tin Children's Center in 1987.‎

  • In the 1980s, the association's services were focused on youth centers, children's centers, and outreach social work teams.‎

  • In 1988, the youth center in Shek Lei Estate was still awaiting renovation.‎

  • In 1989, the Tung Chung camp was rebuilt. In the same year in March, the association conducted research on the issue of youth dropping out of school.‎

  • In January 1990, the association accepted an invitation from Xinhua News Agency to visit Foshan in Guangzhou for an exchange with youth service units, laying the foundation for future exchange programs with the mainland.‎

  • In 1993, the association co-hosted a youth event with a central agency in Mainland China for the first time.‎

  • In 1994, the Social Welfare Department re-integrated youth service resources, and the association's first Integrated Youth Services Centre was established in Chuk Yuen Estate, Wong Tai Sin.‎

  • Starting from 1995, the association, in collaboration with Hong Kong Radio and the Outstanding Young Persons' Association, has organized the "Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Election." There have been nine elections to date, with one held every two years. Many excellent young people have been elected, serving as role models for the new generation.‎

  • The Unusual Academy School Dropout Supportive Service program began in 1996. In September 2001, the late-night outreach service in Yau Tsim Mong District, Kwai Tsing District, and the New Territories East Community Support Service program in East Kowloon were officially established and began providing services.‎

  • The first Youth Arts Festival was held in 2005. Since then, it has been held every two years to encourage young people to participate in and experience the arts.‎

  • Starting from 2005, the association has been providing advisory services to the Macau Social Work Bureau to assist the Macau Neighborhood Association United General Assembly's community youth service team in providing services.‎

  • In 2006, the "Creative Workshop Blue Sky Action" was initiated.‎

  • In 2008, the renovation plan for the Kowloon Elizabeth Stadium was officially implemented.‎

  • In 2009, the computerized member management system and activity data management system were formally introduced.‎

  • In 2010, the association appointed senior social workers to participate in professional supervision in Shenzhen, hoping to contribute to the professional development of social work in the mainland.‎

  • In 2011, with funding from the Lottery Fund, the modernization projects of the association's Hin Keng Youth Center and Tsai Chau Wan Youth Center were successively completed.‎

  • In 2012, the Executive Committee and management team join went to Singapore for professional social work exchanges.‎

  • In 2013, the "Basketball Fire" program was implemented.‎

  • The MacPherson Stadium was rebuilt and put into use in 2013.‎

  • Tung Chung Camp in 2017.‎

  • The opening ceremony for the improved accommodation at Tung Chung Camp took place in 2017.‎

  • The Jockey Club Silvermine Bay Camp in 2018.‎

  • The E-sports training program in 2019.‎

  • The "Against the Current" concert in 2020.‎

  • 2023 The 90th Anniversary Gala of the Hong Kong Playground Association.‎

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